Jeanne Kempthorne
  • Criminal appeals and post-conviction practice
  • White-collar criminal defense
  • Mediation, arbitration, and court conciliation
  • Good Neighbor Mediation Project
Jeanne Kempthorne is a seasoned criminal defense practitioner, focusing on criminal appeals in state and federal court, as well as post-conviction motions and habeas practice. In addition, she represents witnesses and targets of grand jury investigations and white-collar defendants in federal district court.

In her former career as a federal prosecutor, she developed particular expertise in the areas of high-tech crime and public corruption. Her background in public corruption led to her appointment in 2005 to the State Ethics Commission and to her service on the board of Common Cause Massachusetts.

Kempthorne's decade as a business litigator at Hill & Barlow informs her role as a neutral in civil disputes, from acting as a special master for discovery in a complex, federal civil RICO case to conciliating land, personal injury, and family business disputes in state superior court. She is trained in negotiation and conflict resolution and is an experienced mediator and commercial arbitrator.